(Map of the East Coast of Newfoundland)


  • St. John's is capital city & location of airport
  • Conception Bay South (CBS) - Adam's hometown & location of George & Helen Evans, Adam's parents
  • Holyrood - Nadine's hometown & location of Danny & Georgina Hunt, Nadine's parents, and location of church cermony

    Vacationing on the Rock

    We are very pleased to introduce our native province to our friends and guests. For those of you visiting Newfoundland for the first time, we have included a number of useful items about touring in and around Newfoundland.

    Hopefully, most of you will be flying to Newfoundland, into our capital city, St. John's. Flights to St. John's can be booked directly through Air Canada (http://www.aircanada.com/en/home.html). If booked enough in advance, tickets are usually around $350 to $400 for a round trip from Toronto. In light of the recent announcement regarding Jetsgo, Air Canada is your safest bet, though CanJet also has flights to St. John's.

    Some of you brave souls may consider driving to Newfoundland, in which case we applaud you! If considering driving, you will need to get to North Sidney, Nova Scotia and take a ferry to Newfoundland - through Marine Atlantic. Visit their website at www.marine-atlantic.ca . There are two Newfoundland destinations by ferry: Argentia and Port aux Basque. Port aux Basque is the shortest ferry ride (about 6 hours), but is on the south-west corner of the island and about a 10 hour drive to St. John's. Argentia is a longer ferry ride (about 14 hours), but you end up about an hour and a half drive from St. John's. You can book cabins, bunks, or daybeds on the boat if you prefer to nap, but those will cost extra. If you plan to take the ferry, book early! Space is limited, and it fills up fast. Remember, driving to Newfoundland from Ontario takes approximately 50 to 60 hours! If you do drive, please beware of wildlife on the roads, especially Moose.

    St. John's, Newfoundland's largest city, is home to a number of accommodation options. For more information, please try St. John's website, at: www.stjohns.ca/visitors/accommodation/index.jsp

    Holyrood is where the wedding and wedding related events will be held, and is about 40 minutes from St. John's. Some events will also be held in Adam's community, Long Pond, which is about half way between St. John's and Holyrood.

    If staying near Long Pond:

  • Sunset Motel, Keligrews - Reasonably priced rooms. They can be reached by phone at (709) 834-6221
  • Beachside Bed & Breakfast - This is a Bed and Breakfast with an assortment of rooms and prices. They are on the web at http://www.beachside-bb.nf.ca. They have a number of rooms with varying prices. Check out the site (but beware of the cheezy traditional Newfoundland jig!). The phone number is (709) 834-0077.

    If staying in Holyrood:

  • Comerfords Ocean View Efficiency Units - these are reasonably priced housekeeping units close to Nadine's parents home. You can try their website at: www.oceanviewefficiencyunits.com
  • Beach View Motel - reasonably priced motel units. Try their website at www.doryload.com/beachviewmotel.htm
  • Irish Loop Resort (cabins) - can rent for the night, or for the week. No website, but try them at 1 (709) 229 5200.

  • For the wedding night, you may want to stay at The Wilds golf course and resort, which is where the reception will be held. You can check out their website at http://www.thewilds.nf.net or call them at 1-709-229-5444.

    Since Newfoundland's subway system is still under construction, you will need to rent a car to get around the island. There are a number of car rental places in St. John's. Try this link: www.stjohns.ca/visitors/planvisit/carrentals.jsp

    Our favourite part! Leading up to the wedding, we, along with our families, will have a number of activities planned. However, you may wish to do some sight seeing on your own, in which case we've included a number of useful links: